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Profile of Weihai Triathlon Competition

Since 2008, Weihai has successively held Triathlon events for  10 years. Weihai is the first city in Asia to successfully host the Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. It has created a record regarding the number of participants in the single triathlon races in China for many years, and has been appraised as the best national competition area with the first ranking of the total score in consecutive years. The course of triathlon in Weihai has been the designated course appointed by the China Triathlon Sports Association, and it is commented by the International Triathlon Union as “the most beautiful and challenging course in the world”. At present, Weihai Triathlon Competition has been appointed as the local featured sports event supported by Shandong Province. In 2015, it was awarded as the “Excellent Competition for China Sports Tourism in 2015”. The Weihai Triathlon Sports Association has successively won the Group Champion of the National Amateur Point Race for six years. 

In order to enhance the marketization of the competition, in 2015 CPC Weihai Municipal Committee and Weihai Municipal Government promoted the establishment of Qidong City Brand Co., Ltd as a subsidiary of Weihai State-Owned Capital Operation Company, undertaking the Triathlon and other events, being responsible for the market operation and financial support of the events from 2016 onwards. Weihai Municipal Bureau of Finance will guarantee the funds for the basic competition for 3 years in a row. After 3 years, the competition will completely enter the stage of marketization. Weihai Triathlon will completely become marketization in 2019.

In 2017, Weihai Municipal Bureau of Sports actively sought the support from China Triathlon Sports Association, and bid for an international A-class event. In September 2017, with the approval of the International Triathlon Union and the State General Administration of Sport, Weihai will hold the 2018 Weihai Triathlon World Cup on September 22th, 2018. This is an international A-class event and Olympic series. All the athletes from the world need to compete for Olympic points for Olympic qualifications. This is the first time for Weihai to hold this competition series. At the same time, in order to make the “Weihai Triathlon Competition” brand more renowned, and to promote the development the marketization and industrialization of the competition, Weihai will also launch Weihai Super Triathlon Series with Weihai Independent Intellectual Property from the afternoon of September 22nd to September 23rd. The competition will highlight the features with the highest bonuses and the most beautiful and challenging racing course in China, allowing the combination competition with professional and amateur athletes. According to the regulations, a maximum of 1800 athletes can participate in the 2018 Triathlon Competition.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, Weihai Municipal Government has set up the Organizing Committee for the event. The Organizing Committee consists of 48 departments. The Mayor serves as the director of the Organizing Committee, and the Director of the Municipal Bureau of Sports serves as the director of the administration office. There are 12 offices under the organizing committee, including Administration Office, Competition Department, Publicity Department, Activity and Audience Service Department, Reception Department, Medical Care Department, Food Safety Department, Security Department, Marketing and Financial Department, Volunteer Organizing Department, Information Technology Department, and Comprehensive Service Department.